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Be careful what you wish for

For the past few days I’ve been hoping for more news on my pending contract, and today my prayers were answered. Sort of.

My agent softened the blow by first listing the amounts I will get paid upon signing of the contract. Not a huge sum, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, as they say. The downside is that

a) I have to come up with a synopsis for Book Three in the series asap. Yeah, the sequel to the book I haven’t even written yet.

b) I now have deadlines for all three books.

I’ve asked for the latter to be extended a little, as I’m new to this whole “write a book a year” game and definitely not up for “write a book in nine months” just yet, but even so, it’s a tad scary. I’m sure the performance anxiety will wear off once I get into the writing, but with nothing on paper except a few wild ideas, I still feel like I’m about to cross a tightrope without a safety net…



Hmmm. Pressure.
If you come up with a synopsis, do you have to stick to it?
Don’t forget to bounce ideas off friends, writing group, pet fish or whoever else is around to gee-up your Muse 🙂
Good luck!