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@MalCatlyn is back!

To mark the upcoming release of his latest adventures, Elizabethan spy Mal Catlyn will once more be tweeting his exploits for the next three months. Why, you might ask, would a spy be broadcasting his whereabouts on a public network? Well…

  1. He could well be using one of the many cunning ciphers that were invented by 16th-century cryptographer Thomas Phelippes;
  2. He’s a spy, so you can’t trust anything he says;
  3. The internet didn’t exist in 1594, so who’s going to read them? Duh!

As with his previous outing, #malsdiary, I’ll he’ll be tweeting in “real time” (give or take 418 years), segueing into the events of The Merchant of Dreams in January.

Mal’s Diary

Want to read the original “Mal’s Diary” tweets, all in one convenient free download? I’ve compiled an ebook version of the feed for your reading pleasure:

ePub | Kindle | PDF


Harry Markov

Now that’s a really interesting project. Will definitely follow. I missed the first volley for tweets, which I have now downloaded. 🙂

Anne Burner

Sooo glad I caught on to the tweets last time around. Picked up the first one on this go-round when it started three weeks ago. *is pleased*

Interestingly, Amazon and Barnes & Noble both still show a December pub date for The Merchant of Dreams in the US….


Yes, that’s correct – the ebook and US paperback are out the week before Christmas, but the UK paperback is just after New Year (and thus the official publication year is 2013).

Anne Burner

That’s cool – just in time for me to take it with me on the plane to visit my family!


I’m so glad it’s still out in Dec the Merchant. It’s a gorgeous cover and I can’t wait. Timing is good for me as I’m finishing up Alchemist. Didn’t plan it that way but fun the timing was great for me. Looking forward to sequel. Thanks for the responses at twitter from Anne Lyle. I really appreciate the kindness you show your fans as well.