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Prince of Lies, 2nd draft: Chapters 26-33

Once again I’ve been too wrapped up in the process of writing to stop and blog about it – or more likely too annoyed by the slow rate of my progress to want to talk about it.

These past few chapters have been tricky, in that I had one side of the story pretty well nailed but the other was distinctly shaky (and mostly unwritten). There was thus a lot of new material required, and then I kept stopping and reshuffling the scenes to try and get the maximum dramatic impact out of the revelations – when you can see an event from both sides, the order of scenes becomes crucial if you want to build suspense. I’m not sure if I’ve nailed it yet, but it’s good enough for a first draft.

I’ve thus nearly completed the sequence of chapters before the finale, so I guess you could say I’ve just about finished Act Two – and Act Three is suitably short. Now to re-outline the last few chapters and try and bring this book to a satisfying conclusion!