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I&E follow-along: Characters

This week I’ve not been doing a lot of work on I&E, as the hot sticky weather doesn’t agree with me; it’s hard to sleep, which makes it hard to concentrate on work that needs my full attention. However I’ve made a start on HtTS Lesson 8 (if you’ve got the Ultra version – Lesson 7 in the original course), and have begun Module 1: Critical Characters.

My protagonist was easy; I already have a critical event that gives rise to his story motivation, so it wasn’t hard to fill in most of the questions about him, though I’m still prevaricating over the “three physical characteristics” section. The poor fellow has a very distinctive appearance that will make for a multitude of conflicts, so I hesitate to burden him with anything else!

The antagonist is giving me more problems—as  per bloody usual! It’s not that I don’t have one; on the contrary, I have several candidates who “oppose” the hero in different ways. There’s the hero’s arch-nemesis, who in this book wants the same thing as the hero, albeit for different reasons; the arch-nemesis’s minion, who is therefore the person actively competing with the hero; plus the character whose aims both hero and villain are trying to thwart. Add in the fact that the hero is working against the villain in secret, so any actual “opposition” is somewhat one-sided, and you have one hot mess!

I guess I really need to develop both the first two characters and possibly the third as well. Whilst Holly cautions against doing too many characters at this stage, I’m trying to write a series here, so I think a little extra planning won’t hurt 🙂