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Share my book with the Boosh app

Love ebooks? Have a smartphone? And a Facebook account? If so, and if you’re in the UK or Republic of Ireland, you can participate in the pilot programme for Boosh, a new ebook-sharing service, and read The Alchemist of Souls for free!

The free app is available for Android right now, and will be in the Apple AppStore in a couple of weeks (the release of iOS7 has resulted in a bit of an approval backlog!).

Important: the free copies are on a limited, first-come-first-served basis. Half are being released now along with the Android app, the other half will be available when the iOS app launches. When the free copies run out, you’ll still be able to use the app, but you’ll have to pay to download books.

How it works

Boosh is pretty simple:

  1. “Like” my author page on Facebook (if you haven’t already done so)

  2. Get the Boosh app for Android or iOS, which will prompt you to connect to your Facebook account and then download the first three chapters of The Alchemist of Souls onto your phone
  3. As you read, the app loads new chapters and deletes the old ones (an anti-piracy measure – sorry about that!)
  4. At any point in the reading process, you can choose to share the book with one Facebook friend; when you do this, all your other friends will receive a message from you, recommending the book
  5. When you reach the end, you’ll be given a link to optionally buy a physical print copy of the book for yourself or a friend (of course you could buy an ebook or audiobook instead – links on this website!) and the copy on your phone will be deleted

Obviously the app will need access to your Facebook friends list in order to send messages, but that’s the only information it uses.

What if you’ve already read it?

If you’ve already read and enjoyed The Alchemist of Souls and would just like to share it with a Facebook friend, follow the procedure outlined above but opt to share it as soon as the book is loaded.

Plus The Alchemist of Souls isn’t the only book on there; you’ll have several dozen to choose from once the app is installed, included a selection from Angry Robot. If all goes according to plan, more titles will be added and further territories opened up, but as mentioned above this is a pilot programme restricted to the UK and Eire at the moment. Apologies to my overseas fans!