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November Awesomeness

I had intended to post a book giveaway this week, but the book fairy only just delivered my author copies, so instead I’m going to do a blatant filler post of awesome stuff that’s happened this November 🙂

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First up is the winner of Angry Robot’s Book Cover Fun competition. Back in October I posted some alternate covers for my Night’s Masque novels that used Playmobil figures instead of human models. The competition was to do something similar with the Angry Robot cover of your choice, and the winning entries were all amazing – but best of all was this astonishing Etch-a-Sketch recreation of The Prince of Lies by Carol Riggs. Huge props to Carol for the dedication involved!

Also, I think this is my first ever piece of fan art, so it’s doubly awesome!

On November 8th I was saddened to hear about the devastation wrought by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. I made a cash donation but wanted to do more, and luckily I came across Authors For The Philippines, an auction site with proceeds going to the British Red Cross. I donated a signed set of my complete trilogy, and my awesome, awesome fans bid on it, raising an amazing £100 (out of a total of £55k for the whole campaign). I’m just waiting on confirmation that the payment has gone through, then I’ll be sending them out to the lucky winner.

One not-so-awesome thing was that I had to postpone the podcast I was going to do in mid-November owing to a lingering cough and sore throat, but hopefully that will go ahead some time in the New Year, so watch out for announcements! In the meantime, there’s a big interview with me over on Fantasy Faction (beware spoilers for The Merchant of Dreams!), and I have a few more treats planned for you in December, including the aforementioned giveaway, which will be posted next Tuesday. Watch this space!