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The Prince of Lies – Christmas giveaway

My author copies of The Prince of Lies turned up the other day, so I thought it was about time I did a giveaway!

I have three paperbacks (UK edition) to give away, open to entries anywhere in the world. All you have to do to be in with a chance is to leave a comment on this post – please note that comments are moderated to reduce spam, so don’t panic if yours doesn’t appear right away.


  1. One comment per entrant, please – multiple commenters will be disqualified (unless you’re replying to a question on the post or similar).
  2. For security reasons, please don’t leave contact details in your comment – there’s a space in the comment form for your email address, I’ll use that to get hold of you.
  3. Closing date for entries is noon UK time on Tuesday 10th December. Any comments posted after that deadline will be deleted.
  4. I will be picking three separate winners (using a random number generator), to receive one copy each.
  5. I will aim to get the books out promptly, but given how close it is to Christmas, I can’t guarantee delivery times.
  6. If a winner does not respond by Christmas Eve (24th December) or doesn’t provide a valid email address, I reserve the right to select a replacement.

Good luck!



Tina Canham

Hello Anne.
Love this trilogy! Hope you have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
Warm wishes.


Chris Garrett

I’d like to enter, thanks!

DBASKLS aka Kathy

Fingers crossed!

Gary Hurtubise

Hi Anne,
As an aspiring author myself, I always find inspiration by following your posts! All the best to you and yours for the holidays!

Gary in Canada

Eric Houghton

Hello, I just discovered your series through your posting on John Scalzi’s blog. I’m always on the lookout for a new & exciting series & yours looks very intriguing! I look forward to reading it & I’d love to enter for a chance to win a book!


I’d love to win a copy, fingers crossed 😀

Jo Hall

Hi Anne!

There’s a gap in my shelf for Prince of Lies just waiting to be filled… 😉





I’d love to win a copy of your book, just recently bought the first one.

I love reading your blog, especially during NaNo.


Thanks! I had a pretty awful second half of November – glad to know someone appreciated my grumbling 🙂


I would love to read the third novel in your trilogy! I found you through a website about novel revision, and you really caught my eye. I look forward to purchasing the first two.


Hello, i would like to thank you for the trilogy, i love these books <3 , already halfway trough the ´Prince´ since i finally got it off my ´fancy book dealer ´ ( it had to be specially ordered and there was a little delay in that ) few days ago ´ -another copy of the Prince would make for a purrfect yule present <3


I loved, loved, loved Alchemist of Souls, and would be so excited to get the third book in this trilogy!
Great job with NaNo BTW. I often think the NaNo crowd does themselves a disservice when they emphasize the 50k finish line. All writers who get massive words this month are awesome. 🙂


Thank you!

TBH I don’t think I’d feel like I’d “won” NaNo even if I’d made it to 50k, because what I’ve got is still a long way from being a solid foundation for a book – but I guess I’m a lot harder on myself now than when I was starting out and just wanted to Finish The Damned Story 🙂

Teri Edgar

I’m happy just to be here! 🙂 My bookshelf is happy, too. You know how that is.


Nice cover


This is a fantastic giveaway, thanks a lot. I love all covers of the books, I have the first one but I’m trying to get the whole series. Happy Holidays when they’re here 😉


I love this series.