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I thought I’d better write about why I haven’t been posting much here or on social media of late. Don’t panic, nothing’s amiss – I’ve just been somewhat distracted by major goings-on at my day job. I don’t normally post about personal stuff on here, but as it’s been impacting my writing and internet presence, I wanted to reassure people I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth 🙂

To be brief, our team is moving in with the other teams that make up our project, which means not just an office move but a change of contract (because the other teams are employed by a different institute). At the same time the project org chart is being rearranged a bit, hence we’ve had to apply for the new positions and wait anxiously to hear which jobs we’ve got. Fortunately there are enough of these new jobs to go round, and the pay will be better, but it’s still awfully disruptive and stressful at what is already a busy time of year. I should get a formal job offer in the New Year and move offices a few weeks later, so all the dust will have settled well before my next convention. Speaking of which…

I’ve also been trying to budget for a trip to the US next year whilst not eating into e.g. savings or vital home maintenance funds (I discovered the other day that our stair carpet is more badly worn than I feared, and will need replacing sooner rather than later). The new salary will help, but unless a new book contract happens along before the end of 2014, I’ll need to keep a sharp eye on my expenditure. So, I’ve been getting up to speed with You Need a Budget, which is really helping.

I have two weeks off for Christmas and New Year, which will be an opportunity to focus on my new writing project for the first time in weeks. I’m also working on a series of blog posts about Getting Things Done – I promised to do this two years ago and didn’t get around to it (not a good ad for the system!), so maybe this time I’ll stop procrastinating and Get It Done!