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2014 convention schedule

After a certain amount of umming and ahhing, I’ve finally locked down my convention schedule for 2014. It’s a busy one, mostly because there are so many awesome cons around and I don’t want to miss out!

N.B. Panels and other events will be confirmed nearer the time.

18-21 April: Satellite 4 (Eastercon), Glasgow

I shall only be staying in Glasgow a couple of nights as I wasn’t sure of my convention budget when the time came to book everything, but there’s no way I’m going to miss the first big UK convention of the year!

3-6 July: CONvergence, Bloomington, Minnesota

I’m really excited about this one, as a) it’ll be my first trip to the US in 18 months; b) it’s a great chance to see some of my Midwestern friends; c) it’s reckoned to be a great convention and d) what could be better than a theme straight out of Shakespeare?

8-10 August: Nine Worlds Geekfest, London

Last year was awesome considering this is a brand new con, and this year is set to be at least as good – and this time it will be held at the Radisson Edwardian, the venue of my debut book launch and thus site of many happy memories.

14-18 August: Loncon 3 (WorldCon), London

The big one – and only the third WorldCon in our fair capital, ever! Some of my US buddies are coming over, which will make it doubly brilliant. Plus, as with World Fantasy last autumn, the guest list is going to be stellar. I just hope I can get through two conventions back-to-back without a repeat of the Cold From Hell that I had last autumn!

5-7 Sept: FantasyCon, York

A favourite convention of mine, for sentimental reasons – I made loads of writer friends at previous FantasyCons and of course it’s where I met my editor Marc Gascoigne and his trusty sidekick Lee Harris. There had better be a disco this year, though – it was sorely missed last year owing to the “merger” with WFC.

25 October: BristolCon, Bristol

The convention season usually ends for me with a trip to my alma mater, and 2014 is no exception. I love the cosy atmosphere – the venue is so small, there’s little chance of missing anyone (except for that sneaky Mark Lawrence chap, whose lightning visits make him the most elusive of authors!).

So, that’s my 2014 in a nutshell! In the unlikely event that you own one of the rare unsigned copies of The Alchemist of Souls (or any of my other books), please feel free to introduce yourself (unless I’m eating or attending to other bodily needs…).

See you there!