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My BristolCon schedule

It’s my last convention of 2014 soon, and it looks like I’ll be going out with a bang. I have two panels at BristolCon, one of them as moderator. Since I know most of my fellow panellists pretty well by now, this is going to be a lot of fun!

Common Writing Problems Q&A (11am, Room 2)

When the wheels come flying off your story and it dives over a cliff in flames, how do you get it back on the road again? Editors see the same problems in fiction over and over again – we talk about YOUR problems, and give you suggestions to help you overcome them.

Robert Harkess (Mod), Gareth L. Powell, Terry Jackman, Anne Lyle, Snorri Kristjansson

Rogues and Ruffians, Pirates and Thieves (7pm, Room 1)

From Han Solo to Loki to Locke Lamora, the scoundrel has enduring appeal in SF and fantasy. What is it we all like about a bad boy (or girl?) Who are the best SFF rogues, are pirates better than thieves, and how do you write a good bad good guy without getting completely confused?

Anne Lyle (Mod), Huw Powell, Ben Jeapes, Gaie Sebold, Lor/Rudie

Hope to see you there!