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Coming out of hibernation

With spring finally sprung and that pesky eclipse passed, it’s time to poke my nose out of my writing cave and venture out into the world again. So, let the blogging recommence!


X-17 leather refillable journal and Parker fountain pen[/caption]

The most urgent business this spring is prepping for another attack on my work-so-not-in-progress. To get myself in the mood I’ve been clearing out my home office, buying some yummy stationery, charging up my iPad and of course catching up on back episodes of Writing Excuses, the best darned writers’ podcast on the planet.

That set me up for the main task, which is to go through my old notes, cherry-pick the ideas I still love and work those up into the basis of the new series. I like the world I’m working on too much to start from scratch, but I think a shift of emphasis in the world-building may be all I need to bring the project into focus.

I have a few more days to finish off these preparations, then it’s down to business – I have a week-and-a-bit off work, and I aim to dedicate a good chunk of time each day to plotting and outlining, so that I can start a fresh draft and get back to regular writing. One thing I know for sure – this novel ain’t gonna write itself!


Since I don’t have a new book out this year, I’m cutting back a little on convention attendance and focusing on the ones I enjoy the most. This year I’ll definitely be going to:

3rd-6th July: CONvergence in Bloomington, Minnesota

7th-9th August: Nine Worlds in London

23rd-25th October: FantasyCon in Nottingham

and probably BristolCon (in September) too. This means I’ll be missing EasterCon, and therefore won’t see most of my UK peeps until summer – boo! On the plus side, it gives me more time to get some writing under my belt before I have to go out in public, which is definitely A Good Thing!


Jacey Bedford

Sorry you won’t be at Eastercon. I can’t do Bristolcon this year, but I look forward to seeing you at Fantasycon. Best wishes for the new series.

Brian @ SFF Chronicles

We haven’t seen you at chronicles for a while – would be good to have you keep us updated. 🙂