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Bullet Journal and the analogue revolution

The good thing about getting away from the social media circus for a while is that you don’t get so easily distracted by trivialities; the bad thing is that you miss out on a lot of the cool stuff that everyone’s talking about. Like Bullet Journal, which I only heard about the other day when I was catching up on summer 2014 episodes of my favourite knitting podcast, The Knitmore Girls.

X-17 leather refillable journal and Parker fountain pen
X-17 leather refillable journal and Parker fountain pen

The concept is simple: a single physical notebook in which you jot down all your To-Do lists, appointments, random thoughts, etc. Forget apps – this is Slow Food for the mind. Or Slow Organisation, if you will.

Hang on, you’re saying, you have to give up electronics? Entirely? No, thank goodness! There’s still a place for Google Calendar, Reminders and other apps that help you to collaborate with others or just get prompted automatically to put the bins out on a Tuesday morning. But the idea is that writing things down helps you to remember them, as well as detaching you for a short while from the digital umbilicus that can sometimes feel like it’s sucking your brain out through your fingertips. Read more