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The Great 2011 Book Giveaway

To celebrate the completion of my novel (and kick this blog back into life), I’m going to be giving away not one but two books every month this year!

Please note: Sorry, but you must live in the UK or EU to enter. Some of the books are quite heavy and would cost too much to ship overseas.

One book will be on the craft of writing, the other will be fiction – generally a freebie from a convention that, although good, is too far outside my tastes to make it onto my crowded TBR pile. The month’s selection will be posted on the first Saturday, starting today, Saturday 1 January, and you’ll have until the next giveaway post to leave a comment and be eligible for the prize draw.

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This month’s giveaways

The First Five Pages: A Writer’s Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile, by Noah Lukeman

This is a great little book that ought to be on every aspiring writer’s shelf. The main reason I’m giving it away is because I’ve pretty much absorbed all the advice by now! From basic problems like too many adverbs, through awkward dialogue and uneven pacing, Lukeman covers pretty much everything that could give agents and editors a reason to turn down your manuscript. (Note: this book is slightly water-damaged at the bottom, but no pages are stuck together and it’s still perfectly readable.)

Slights, by Kaaron Warren

Kicking off the year’s fiction giveaway is this disturbing serial-killer novel from Australian author Kaaron Warren, published by Angry Robot Books. Not my cup of tea at all, but hopefully someone out there will cherish it!

“After an accident in which her mother dies, Stevie has a near-death experience, and finds herself in a room full of people – everyone she’s ever pissed off. They clutch at her, scratch and tear at her. But she finds herself drawn back to this place, again and again, determined to unlock its secrets. Which means she has to die, again and again.

And she starts to wonder whether other people see the same room… when they die.”

To be in with a chance of receiving either of these, just leave a comment below, saying which one you’re interested in!