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Official desktop wallpaper

A lot of people have complimented me on the cover art for The Alchemist of Souls; indeed I liked it so much myself that I made the draft artwork into a desktop wallpaper so that I would feel inspired whenever I sat down to write. It seemed a shame to keep it to myself, though, so I got permission from Angry Robot to create an official version for wider consumption – and I’m doing the same for the two sequels.

So, now you too can have mean’n’moody Mal Catlyn or pistol-toting Coby Hendricks on your desktop to drool over, ahem, I mean admire! I’ve created two versions, one widescreen (8:5) and one standard proportion (4:3), both in sizes large enough for all but the biggest monitors.

1600 x 1000 | 1280 x 960

1600 x 1000 | 1280 x 960


Full credits

Cover art © Larry Rostant at Artist Partners

Background texture by Marc Gascoigne

Angry Robot logo © Angry Robot Books

Design and novel excerpt © 2012 Anne Lyle