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Historical figures

A number of historical figures appear or are mentioned in Night’s Masque. Those whose histories I have significantly changed have their own pages, linked below.

Appearing in the books

  • Maliverny Catlyn
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Sir Francis Walsingham, the Queen’s Private Secretary
  • Lady Frances Sidney, Walsingham’s daughter
  • Elizabeth Sidney, Walsingham’s granddaughter
  • Robert Sidney, her cousin
  • Robert Cecil, Secretary of State
  • Thomas Egerton, Lord Chancellor
  • Thomas Sackville, Baron Buckhurst, Lord Treasurer
  • Charles Howard, Lord Effingham, Lord High Admiral
  • Sir Walter Raleigh
  • Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton
  • Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland
  • Josceline Percy, Henry Percy’s younger brother
  • Sir William Selby, MP for Northumberland
  • Sir Richard Berkeley, Lieutenant of the Tower of London
  • Roger Manners, Earl of Rutland
  • Elizabeth de Vere, Countess of Derby
  • Henry de Vere, her younger brother
  • William Shakespeare, playwright
  • Thomas Lodge, playwright
  • Philip Henslowe, theatre manager
  • Goody Watson, pawnbroker mentioned in Henslowe’s accounts
  • Richard Baines, spy
  • William Danby, Coroner of the Queen’s Household
  • John Derrick, Coroner for Surrey
  • Andrea Surian, Chancellor of Venice


  • Robert Dudley  (deceased)
  • Sir John Puckering, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal
  • Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford
  • Henry Herbert, Earl of Pembroke
  • Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex
  • Dorothy Devereux, Robert’s sister
  • William Courtenay, Earl of Devon*
  • William Bourchier, Earl of Bath
  • William Howard, son of the Lord Admiral
  • Richard Topcliffe, the Queen’s interrogator
  • Christopher Marlowe, playwright  (deceased)
  • Thomas Kyd, playwright (deceased)
  • Edward Alleyne, actor
  • Vincento Saviolo, fencing master
  • Marino Grimani, Doge of Venice

* Courtenay was not officially recognised as Earl of Devon de jure until the nineteenth century, but I needed a fictional minor nobleman for Mal’s background so I fudged this bit of history!