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Alternate history timeline

The main distinguishing feature of the world of Night’s Masque is that it is an alternate history setting. Below is a timeline of the sixteenth century, up to the point when the books start: events highlighted in colour are those that differ significantly from our own history; those stricken through are historical events that did not happen in my timeline. I have also included the births of the books’ protagonists for reference.

Date Events
1492 Columbus discovers America, and brings back a skrayling captive
1497 First skrayling ships sighted in the Bay of Biscay
1533 Princess Elizabeth Tudor and Robert Dudley born
1550 Robert Dudley marries Amy Robsart
July 1553 – Oct 1554 Robert imprisoned in Tower of London owing to his father’s involvement in the Lady Jane Grey plot.
November 1553 Amy Dudley dies in childbirth
March – May 1554 Elizabeth is imprisoned in the Tower by her sister Mary
1558 Mary dies, and Elizabeth becomes queen. She marries Robert Dudley, and he is crowned Prince Consort
1559 Birth of Prince Robert
1566 Birth of Prince Arthur
1567 Birth of Maliverny and Alexander Catlyn, in Derbyshire, England
1567 – 1609 Dutch Revolt against Hapsburg rule
1572 Saint Bartholomew’s Day massacre in Paris
1576 Birth of Jacomina Hendricks, in Berchem, Netherlands
1579 Robert Dudley convicted of treason and imprisoned in the Tower, but Queen Elizabeth refuses to sign his death warrant.
1580 Prince Robert Tudor marries Juliana de Lancastre, a Portuguese cousin
1584 Christopher Marlowe is recruited as a spy against seditious elements within intellectual circles
1587 The Rose Theatre built in Bankside, Southwark. Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots
1588 England is attacked by the Spanish Armada. Robert Dudley dies in the Tower. Queen Elizabeth goes into deep mourning and is seldom seen again in public. Her son Prince Robert becomes de facto Prince Regent
1590 Death of Sir Francis Walsingham
1593 Marlowe is murdered in Deptford